Why I launched the Bad Relationship Advice Blog and Podcast

Welcome to the Bad Relationship Advice Blog and Podcast page! Glad to have you here. People often ask me what the heck inspired me to start this darn thing. Well, here you go….

For many years I dreamed of starting my own blog and podcast platform to connect with others on topics of sex/uality, dating, and relationships but was hesitant to put myself out there for fear of being vulnerable. But then I realized what a fuc*ked up fear that was, and that if I was going to do it – I had to start somewhere.

My interest throughout college was sexual health, which lead me to pursing an undergrad degree on the topic, volunteering in many capacities in the sexual health realm, and selling sex toys as a side job for a “home parties” company.

I’ve always loved being in front of a crowd and early exposure to theater and the arts undoubtedly sparked my interest in entertaining people through humor and human connection. Put me in a room full of strangers and I’ll happily take the stage. My personality has thankfully made it easy for me to connect with others, laugh at myself, and find comfort in uncomfortable situations.

In June of 2018, I left the corporate world to focus on my goals. After graduating in August of 2018 with a Bachelors in Human Relationships and Wellness, getting married to a fantastic partner, Ryan, in October of 2018, and setting off on my entrepreneurial career in 2019, I started the Bad Relationship Advice podcast as a passion project during my free time.

I recognize the privilege I’ve been granted. I have a loving partner who supports and encourages me every day to seek fulfillment. I also recognize my individual perseverance and drive to continually move forward. I’m embracing this opportunity to use the podcasting platform as a means to explore my connection with others on topics of sex/uality, dating, and relationships, and to offer my perspectives through education and humor.

I recently received this advice: “Get off self, and get on purpose.” By refocusing my energy on opening doors and connecting with others, the creativity started flowing! I hope that my story and progress helps someone else in redirecting their focus and redefining their purpose. Enjoy!