32 Packets of Blood Product – Parts 1 & 2 *New Podcast Episode*

On this episode of Bad Relationship Advice:

Play Part 1 episode here!

Play Part 2 episode here!

Alyssa and her badass guest, Dionne, discuss Dionne’s difficult journey to motherhood (part 1) and her harrowing experience giving birth, resulting in the near loss of her life (part 2).

Dionne with her husband, Aaron, and their son, Orion

This episode aims to reduce the stigma and internalized guilt felt by many in relation to women’s reproductive health and the associated medical and emotional challenges. Women and families can find community and comfort in knowing they’re not alone by sharing stories of miscarriage and infertility. By increasing dialogue and awareness around women’s reproductive health issues, perhaps some will widen their perspectives and seek a more common ground when debating hot-button political topics. (It’s a tough world out there for a uterus!)

I encourage others to leave comments in the thread of this post to share stories of your own. If you or someone you know has an interesting in/fertility, conception, pregnancy, or childbirth story to share on the Podcast, please reach out to Alyssa at alyssa.badrelationshipadvice@gmail.com or by using the Contact form.

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