“No, this isn’t where you’ll find good advice for bad relationships. This is about us learning something new together and me probably giving you bad advice! But maybe we can laugh and connect with each other along the way. There’s a lot we can learn about ourselves and others when we examine topics on sex, dating, and relationships”

Alyssa is a Minnesota native and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, earning her bachelor’s degree in Human Relationships and Wellness. Her studies focused on sexual health education, social systems, and improving our overall health through holistic approaches, mindfulness, and wellbeing.

As an advocate for sexual health freedom of choice and accessibility to care, Alyssa has volunteered with numerous non-profit organizations throughout the Twin Cities and has built lasting relationships with community partners.

The title “Bad Relationship Advice” was chosen as a way for Alyssa to make fun of herself while also taking ownership of the content. She is not an expert, but acknowledges that there is a deficiency in our cultural ability to speak openly about sex and sexuality in a way that accepts differences and variations of expression.

The aim of this platform is to encourage people to have more open, honest conversations about sex and sexuality, and to improve self-awareness in relationships (with some humor and education mixed in!)

Alyssa is a white, heterosexual, cisgender female and strives to intentionally create content that uses inclusive language. She acknowledges her own lack of perspective and recognizes privilege. Alyssa hopes that through meeting new people, exploring topics and story telling, we can increase knowledge and visibility of the variations in sex/uality, gender, etc… Please contact me with constructive feedback or show ideas!

If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast or have a great topic idea, please reach out via the contact form!